Forums Coming To The New Vintage Cuties Blog!

Forums Coming To The New Vintage Cuties Blog!

Hello, this is Manny from the Vintage Cuties Blog with a small announcement. I have been working as hard as possible on the new website for the blog and am still working on migrating all the preexisting content over. While taking breaks from content migration and re-rendering our videos, I have been tinkering around with various plugins that are compatible with my version of the WordPress software. I have had great conversations with some of the folks who have supported this site by visiting and other means and have always wanted to continue these dialogues. With that, I figured out how to integrate a forum system plugin that seamlessly works with my new blog site layout. Here is what the new forum system looks like so far:

I have sections for general discussion along with one for vintage erotica focused discourse. Also, I have added sections for jokes/humor topics for levity during these crazy times we live in. Lastly, because I happen to be an avid gamer, I have a section for people to discuss gaming. Throughout my experiences in running this website, I’ve noticed that most of the guys who enjoy this vintage erotica also love gaming. Who knew?

This is, of course, a very rough skeleton framework. If anyone has any advice and/or suggestions on how to arrange the forum or what sections you would like to see, please let me know. My email

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