Rare Discovery: 8mm Exotica Nudie Film Starring Paula Page Titled: “Paula Paige #2”

This is Manny Calavera from the Vintage Cuties Blog with a pretty special update. As you all know, I love searching for and procuring new films through public and private auctions. Here is an old exotica film I just claimed and it is a great find. It is a nudie reel starring the busty British model Paula Page! She was a favorite of photographer Harrison Marks, but this film was apparently not shot nor produced by him.

For some reason she is referred to as ‘Paula Paige,’ as the film is titled “Paula Paige #2.” However, there is no mistaking her amazingly large torpedo breasts nor her plump and curvaceous body. In the film Paula poses while topless, displaying that friendly eroticism that is distinct to her personality in front of the camera.

We already have a couple of Paula Page films and many photos of her in the Vintage Cuties collection, but we have yet to get our hands on original films and photos of her. It’s a shame because Paula is one of my favorite models. I just love all of her curves and she just has such a classic look about her. Finally, I have an original film print featuring her to publish on the site! Here are the rest of the stills from the auction:

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Here are all the technical details for the film:

Film Name: Paula Paige #2
Model Name: Paula Page
Film Format: 8mm
Film Type: Black & White
Length: 50ft
Running Time: Roughly 5mins
Date Of Film: 1950s
Genre: Exotica, Nudie
Final Price: 45.00 USD (Claimed) + 7.00 USD (Shipping)


Any further information will be helpful. My email address is mannycalavera5757@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!