Rare Discovery: Photo Print Of The Ladybirds Of Denmark

Hello everyone, this is Manny from the Vintage Cuties Blog. While trolling Ebay for vintage stag films on either 8mm or 16mm, I came across this photo print. It is of the Ladybirds from Denmark. The print itself came straight from Frederiksberg, Denmark and it is an original photo print as opposed to being a reproduction.

I’m not as familiar with the Danish Ladybirds, so I can’t identify all the band members. Here are the details of this acquisition:

Original/Reprint: Original Print
Date of Creation: 1960-1969
Photo Type: Snapshot
Listed By: Dealer or Reseller
Region of Origin: Europe
Size Type/Largest Dimension: 17 x 23 cm
Color: Black & White
Country/Region of Manufacture: Denmark
Price Paid: 15.00 USD + 4.45 USD



Any information about this will be helpful. For anyone who can help, my email address is mannycalavera5757@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

Video Resurrected: The Ladybirds (Denmark) Performing At Italy In 1977

Here is a feature video that we have brought back online. This was a late 1970’s tape recording of the Danish all-girl topless band The Ladybirds performing in Sienna, Italy. To this day, this is the only known footage of this topless band I know exists. Hopefully more photos, films and videos of this band surface in the future.

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We appreciate your patience and hope you can hang in there while we slowly but surely fix everything. As always, if you have any questions or even have any more information on any of the various models featured here on the Vintage Cuties blog, then be sure to contact me at MannyCalavera5757@gmail.com. Thanks again!

The Ladybirds (DK) In Siena, Italy In 1977

The Ladybirds DK In Siena, Italy In 1977

Now here is something you do not come across very often. Finding actual footage of any all-girl topless band from the 60’s and/or 70’s is like finding Bigfoot or a unicorn in the wild. The following is some footage of the Danish all-girl topless band The Ladybirds performing in Siena, Italy in 1977. This footage shows the band with Lonni Andersen “Bonni” (Drums), Susanne Petersen (Bass), Pia Thurland (Vocals, Guitar), and Susanne ? (Organ). Credit for this footage goes to Firenze Prima for resurrecting this by chance. This is the first moving picture of The Danish Ladybirds in action. The footage begins with the girls already in the middle of playing a song, so it is unclear as to what they were playing. The next song they play is Johnny B. Goode as made famous by Chuck Berry. I’m not sure what the last song is, but the ladies do actually play the song. Instead, they dance to the song and shake their breasts vigorously on stage.

Just click the picture to see the full video. Enjoy!


Ladybirds DK YT Thumb

001F The Ladybirds (DK) In Siena, Italy In 1977 thumbs

The Danish Ladybirds is a band that I haven’t researched as much as the American band, but it is still important to find and preserve anything pertaining to the all-girl topless bands of the 60’s and 70’s. As always, thanks for watching. If anyone knows of more information on The Danish Ladybirds, please let me know at mannycalavera5757@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!