Rare Discovery: New Photo Negative Of The Ladybirds

This is Manny from the Vintage Cuties blog with another exciting update! I have recently acquired a new photo to add to the Vintage Cuties collection and to my ever growing mound of research on the all-girl topless band The Ladybirds. All thanks goes to friend of the website Richard Howe for tipping me off the existence of this film negative. There was an Ebay auction simply titled ‘TOPLESS LOUNGE ACT/Las Vegas RISQUE/2 1/4″ copy negative/RARE IMAGE.’ It seems like a pretty innocuous title for an auction listing. When Mr. Howe tipped me off to it I searched to find it, but all was in vain. Luckily, Mr. Howe was able to locate it and directly link it to me. Once on the auction page, I noticed that no one had placed any bids on the negative. It makes sense when you think about how difficult it was to locate the listing in the first place.

Listing description: Copy negative (2 1/4″) from the 1970s…topless band performing in a Las Vegas lounge. From left to right: Barbara Branch, Robin Sherwood, Rosita Quintana, Lisa Lynn and Marcelle Mitchell. (this is a thumbnail taken from the auction listing)

Because of this not so insignificant fact, I was able to win the auction effortlessly and it only cost a little over ten dollars; truly a blessing. Richard Howe suspects that this is taken from the same location as another picture taken of the band when they performed and opened for Godfrey Cambridge at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. I absolutely agree with his assessment. This is definitely taken from the same venue and time. The negative hasn’t arrived just yet, but I’m very excited to be acquiring another piece of The Ladybirds’ history. Again, many thanks to Richard Howe for tipping me off to this auction. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time anything new on The Ladybirds pops up. Until next time!


As always, if anyone has more information on the American all-girl topless band The Ladybirds in the form of photos, written articles or even video footage, then please contact me at mannycalavera5757@gmail.com

Rare Discovery: Nine New Photo Negatives Of The Ladybirds


The Ladybirds – Marcelle And Rosita Playing Together


The Ladybirds – Animations From The Blue Bunny Performance Of 1968 (Group)


The Ladybirds – Animations From The Blue Bunny Performance Of 1968 (Individual)

Ladybirds banner

The Ladybirds Animations From The Blue Bunny Performance Of 1968 (Individual)

Now that there is some proper footage of The Ladybirds for analysis and some stills to accompany them, I have started working on publishing some animated images captured from said footage. Since there are more shots of the band members from The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield, these animations will be separated into different posts. The following are animated images of the ladies captured individually. Everything is animated with a 100 millisecond frame delay. Hope you enjoy!

Ladybirds - Blue Bunny Rosita 1

Rosita Quintana (Drums)


Ladybirds - Blue Bunny Debbie 1

Deborah (Keyboard/Organ, Vocals)


Ladybirds - Blue Bunny Marcelle close up

Marcelle Mitchell (Bass, Vocals)


Ladybirds - Blue Bunny Bobbie 1

Barbara Branch (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)


Ladybirds - Blue Bunny Robin 1

Robin Sherwood (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals)

Again, it is a great look at these fine ladies rocking out hard. Hopefully, more film footage of this band exists and surfaces in the future. If anyone knows about any other bit of information on The Ladybirds, please let me know at mannycalavera5757@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

The Ladybirds – Stills From The Blue Bunny Performance Of 1968


The Ladybirds – Performing At The Blue Bunny In 1968 Uncensored