The One That Got Away: 16mm Film “Smooth Action” Starring Wilhelmina Barrenfen

Here’s a seemingly nice little film that sadly passed me by. This 16mm exotica film dates all the way back to the 1950’s, possibly ca. 1956 according to the listing, and features the blonde and slender Germanic model Wilhelmina Barrenfen. Believe it or not, I have never heard of her before. Some quick research revealed that Wilhelmina did some film and photo work at the legendary Spiderpool estate and even posed alongside the curvy Donna Watkins.

Ms. Barrenfen reminds me a lot of Misty Ayers – a very slender and small, perky-breasted version of the immortal Georgia Holden. All three of them have very much Northern Germanic and/or quasi Scandinavian features. Wilhelmina is a great middle ground between Misty and Georgia because of Wilhelmina’s slenderness along with her lovely facial features, her small yet curvy buttocks and a well-shaped bust that is easily larger than Ms. Ayers’.

According to these few stills extracted from the film, Wilhelmina starts the feature completely naked with only frilly cuffed gloves and it is quite sexy. This mini movie goes for the smoking fetish with Wilhelmina lighting and posing with a cigarette. Ms. Barrenfen looks flawless as she show off almost everything she has to offer.

As you can see from the stills, this film is in black and white and is approximately 100ft long which means that its running time is roughly 2mins, 45secs long. It looks like a well-kept film when looking at the stills and it truly is a shame to miss out on a film starring this lovely newly discovered lady. It’s proof that I still have so much more to learn about the various models of the past.

I hope to find more films and photos of Wilhelmina Barrenfen because she quite the stunner. It seems that she has a bit more to her than doing just exotic modeling in photos and film. I think it will be more than worth doing some more research on her.

Cheers to the proud new owner of this gem of a stag and prospect of it going to a good home!



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Wilhelmina Barrenfen and Donna Watkins – At The Spiderpool

Wilhelmina Barrenfen and Donna Watkins pose nude together on a ledge overlooking the legendary Spiderpool estate. There is a good contrast between Wilhelmina’s slender body with very perky nipples and Donna’s curvy physique with full imposing bosoms.

Just click the picture to see the full Photo. Enjoy!


Photo Name / ID: Wilhelmina Barrenfen 001, Donna Watkins 001

Type: Color

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