Rare Discoveries: Stag Film Starring Tammy Temple?

Here is another rare find I acquired through a public auction fairly recently. It is a fairly lengthy stag film starring a model supposedly named Tammy Temple. I’m not exactly sure if this is indeed her because a lot of films back then would not properly use a model’s real name or would use a pseudonym. I have made a model ID request at the Vintage Erotica forum, but no one has been able to verify this model’s true identity.

Tammy Temple is a lovely fair-skinned brunette lady with a nice petite body type. In this strip tease act she starts things out with a black bra, panties, stockings and a garter belt keeping them on. She takes off her bra and lies down on a sofa for a spell before taking off her panties. She eventually get rid of her stockings too and shows off her small, pekry boobs and ass to the camera.

It’s a very nice film that I managed to get my hands on. I was originally hesitant to go for this one just because I didn’t want to buy a film of a model I could not identify. However, Roberto assured me that, if the website attracts enough attention from fellow enthusiasts and collectors then folks may share what they to know to help fill in any gaps we have in this area.

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This film reel is around five inches in diameter, so that basically means that this film is roughly 14-16 minutes in length. That isn’t bad for the price we paid for the film. This is a really nice and sexy film and I cannot wait to get this digitally transferred so that we can post it here and share it with you!


Any information about this mystery lady and any work she has done will be helpful. For anyone who can help, my email address is mannycalavera5757@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!