Candy Earle & Michelle Angelo – Nudist Hiking Trip

Here’s an interesting movie featuring lovely a double shot of sexy curves: Candy Earle and Michelle Angelo! This is one of many film outings with the two ladies ensemble. Both were in two movies, one of them being Like It Is in 1968 and another being Sexual Freedom In Denmark in 1970. It can be a bit difficult to see that it is indeed Candy and Michelle just because they are wearing wigs. In an interview with Ms. Angelo she claimed that models would do so much photo and video work for many publications and companies and would be featured under various aliases. To make them look like different people they would wear different wigs. Of course, this only does so much to conceal their true identities. Candy Earle and Michelle Angelo both have very distinctive breasts, with Candy’s having her shape/tan lines and Michelle’s having uniquely large and dark colored nipples and areolas.

Just click the picture to see the full video. Enjoy!

candy and michelle YT Thumb outdoors

0022 candy earle michelle angelo - naked outdoors thumbs


Video ID: 0022

Model: Candy Earle & Michele Angelo

Type: Color

Name: Naked Outdoors

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2 responses to “Candy Earle & Michelle Angelo – Nudist Hiking Trip

    • I am pretty sure that she [the lady with Michelle Angelo] is Candice aka Candy Earle. She may be wearing a wig, but she has very distinct features. She also did a lot of photo and film work with Michelle Angelo.


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